Next in Interoperability: Web API Add/Edit

At the 2023 RESO Spring Conference, Troy Davis, CTO at Ocusell, moderated a panel about the Web API Add/Edit endorsement that included Olga Ermolin, Director of Engineering at MLSListings, Michael Wurzer, President at FBS, and Chris Haran, CTO at MRED. | WATCH VIDEO (21:31)

Add/Edit provides a standard mechanism for create, update and delete actions in the RESO Web API.

Creating and editing data, such as open houses, showings or member/office details, is an important part of the listing transaction. Add/Edit allows multiple different kinds of data into the MLS data stream from different vendors.

All of this work has been traditionally done in the MLS’s primary software interface. Add/Edit allows other software systems to also participate.

“Next in Interoperability: Web API Add/Edit” – blog graphicAgents and brokers have wanted the ability to enter data from their broker back office (BBO) systems for many years, and Add/Edit makes this possible.

What’s been added to the mix since those initial requests is the ability to make changes from a mobile app – like changing the order of photos on a listing or making changes in real time based on things witnessed onsite at the property. Cody Gustafson, Director of API Development at FBS, has written a Media Upload Alternative that could allow Add/Edit systems to update not only data fields but also photos and other media.

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